Types of texts I usually translate:

  • Corporate bulletins, press monitoring, press releases, annual reports, in-house regulations, background documents for top management meetings;
  • HR and social topics (in-house communication, corporate training systems, corporate social responsibility, pupulation ageing, employment);
  • Commercial offers, users’ manuals, presentations for training purposes (marketing, sales skills, process optimization), opinion polls (questionnaire surveys).

What proved to be useful for me as a translator and what really works:

  • Consulting terminology and potential ambiguity with the author who knows best what the text is supposed to say;
  • Finding out who are the target readers of the text (general public, corporate management, specialists);  
  • Evaluating realism of the required translation delivery time carefully depending on the text complexity, in short, not to promise the impossible; 
  • Establishing a long-term cooperation (learning specific terms used in the given field or company, supplying a customized dictionary to ensure the consistent use of terminology throughout the organisation).


Responding quickly to e-mails of your Czech or Slovak customers can play an important role. To meet customer demands in this respect, I offer an express delivery of translations – in case of free capacity you can receive a one-page or shorter text translated within an hour. On the other hand, a high quality of translations can be achieved only if sufficient time is provided for the translator to pay a maximum attention to the text, consult and check terminology and opt for an adequate style of language.

For recurring texts, such as operating manuals, I use Trados translation programme, so that identical paragraphs and phrases within the document are translated consistently and faster.

A graphic layout of translations according to the original text is a matter of course. In addition to standard MS Word files, I offer translations of texts in MS Excel or PowerPoint.