Price List of Translations and Interpreting

Hana Veverková                                                            This price list is valid from 1 February 2017.



from English into Czech

CZK 250 per SP (Standard Page)

from Czech or Slovak into English

CZK 280 per SP
Minimum order quantity 0.5 SP
Reduced prices of translations* CZK 220/250 per SP
* applicable to students' texts (theses, essays, papers) and as a quantity discount to any texts above 30 SPs per calendar month

Repeated texts (operating manuals, financial and annual reports, etc.) – use of Trados translation software

quotation for particular texts

The number of SPs rounded to one decimal place relates to the translated text. 1 SP is 1,800 characters incl. spaces.

Interpreting English/Czech

Consecutive interpreting:   half-day (4 hours) CZK 2,200
                                                            1 day (8 hours) CZK 4,200
Price reduction at 6 or more interpreting days per calendar month by CZK 200 per day
Simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting outside the Czech Republic - quotation after specification

I am not a VAT payer; the prices above are final. Payment by bank transfer against invoice. 

The prices of both translations and interpreting are negotiable. Price reductions can be granted to regular customers and NGOs.