Communication can sometimes be successful even without any use of words; facial expressions and gestures can speak volumes. Nevertheless, words will certainly do their bit when you need to give an explanation or argument aptly, readily and as accurately as possible.  If such words are Czech or Slovak and your command of these beautiful Slavonic languages is not perfect, as an interpreter I will be glad to facilitate your communication with your colleagues or suppliers.

Most frequently I interpret for companies and organisations that also assign written translations to me. This approach is, in my opinion, optimal as it enables me to understand the field of their business better and to learn specific terminology.

For fluent communication during your business meeting, training, expert discussion and company presentation in the Czech Republic (Prague, Kolín, Kutná Hora, Pardubice,etc.) as well as outside our country, I offer the following types of interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker pauses after one or two sentences to allow the interpreter to translate the message.

This is the most frequent type of interpreting useful for meetings, presentations, training courses, etc.

Informative interpreting

It gives access to information in the environment where the customer does not know the local language (dealing with authorities, cultural events, shops, etc.), where the interpreter does not interpret the negotiation itself.

Simultaneous whispered interpreting

The interpreter sits or stands next to a small group of no more than three people interpreting  in a whisper simultaneously with the speaker.


Before the event to be interpreted:

In order to prepare for interpreting thoroughly, it is rarely sufficient for the interpreter to go through information on the website of your company or institution. It is very useful and for complicated topics even vital to provide the interpreter with supporting documents, such as presentations, a list of terminology, agenda of the event, minutes from previous meetings, or topics to be discussed, well beforehand. Thank you!